Jason Anderson, MSW, RSW

Jason is a registered social worker who is open to working with teens, adults of any age, and couples, as well as working with groups and families.

As a trauma-informed therapist, he will work with you, as a team, to come up with the best possible approach to helping you deal with what is causing you concern.

Formally trained in both ACT and CBT, as well as a number of other therapies, he’ll work together with you to decide how best to move forward in your healing journey.

Jason has been doing social work for most of his professional career. He earned his BSW from the University of Manitoba while working as a youth care worker for at-risk teens and as an employment counsellor for at-risk young adults.

After earning his degree, Jason worked as a child protection worker and emergency after-hours child protection worker for several years. He then pursued a career as a police officer, doing various jobs and duties that benefitted the community.

Jason returned to social work after 20 years of police service, earning his MSW from Wilfrid Laurier University. He founded Balanced Thoughts Counselling as a means to continue the social work he has done throughout most of his life.

Jason is originally from out West and moved to Ontario back in 2014, eventually ending up in Brantford in 2017. He lives here with his wife and his young son.

Jason's session fee is $195.00 for individual counselling services provided.

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